Is it Time to Rethink Our Mission Statements?

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Safe, Affordable, Reliable electric power has been the tried and true, age-old focus of our industry for as long as I can remember.  It is simple, yet captures the essence off what our membership cares about the most.

Recently I have been doing a fair amount of research on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in an effort to leverage two of the emerging technologies that are nearing tipping points; electric vehicles, and battery storage.    In the process one gets exposed to a plethora of green-energy technologies and process controls, some of which will become viable, and some will not.  At the end of the day I am extremely impressed with the innovation, talent, and ideas that our early and mid-career engineers are bringing to the table with a vision of a much cleaner energy future.  Some of these technologies are disrupting the way we do business today.

Environmentally Friendly.  That is the term that I am beginning to see incorporated in more and more mission statements.  Lets face it, in some areas we may be an economic slave to coal and fossil fuels for the foreseeable future.  They are still great, low cost, reliable technologies, but that does not mean we can’t think green in other parts of our businesses.  Even those of us working in the “non-generation” transmission and distribution side of the business can leverage technologies that lead us down a greener path.  We can be embracing and promoting electric vehicle infrastructure, smart thermostats, demand-response systems tied to water heaters and air conditioners, and emerging technologies for distribution control of a plethora of small distributed generation and distributed storage technologies that leverage big data learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to achieve grid stability and reliability.

Every young generation enters the workforce with a desire to change the world, and the industry today is positioned to leverage this more so than I have ever seen.  How exciting to be on the front end of developing technologies that are going to allow us to reliably operate this most complex machine in a much more distributed, real time, efficient manner.

Environmentally Friendly:  It is not just solar, wind, and hydro generation, it is also the integration, control, dispatch, and real time communication technologies that make it all feasible.

Environmentally Friendly:  Is fantastic leverage in member engagement and member satisfaction.  Our members and their implementation of technology can be, and are becoming more of the solution every day.

Environmentally Friendly:  Is a great recruiting tool for that top talent that wants to change the world.  The opportunity is theirs.

Are you ready to change your mission statement?

Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Environmentally Friendly power.

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